Monday, April 2, 2012

A penny saved is a penny for my wardrobe

I ended a relationship last Wednesday.


A four year relationship.

With my smartphone.

It was like giving up an appendage.

Or cable TV.

Or chocolate.

But I exaggerate, really.  It wasn't hard and I rarely notice a difference.  Sure I can't immediately post my thoughts on the economy or the importance of grapefruit to Facebook.  And I can't catch up on celebrity gossip while I wait for my coffee at Coffee Planet.  But I wouldn't consider any of that enriching, anyway.

What is, you ask?

Saving $30 a's en-riching!

See what I did there?

No data plan on my phone bill also frees up several minutes in which I can spend actually communicating with those around me.

Like the girls at Coffee Planet:

"Um, are the bagels good here?"

And Corey:


And even the dog:

"Stop licking that."

The only downside is that I have this ridiculous looking phone.

The Pantech Jest 2; it's the size of the palm of my hand and takes excellent pictures if I do not intend for them to be seen.

I've also butt-dialed myself and many others several times.  It's a sacrifice we all have to make for the sake of my wardrobe...because that's what money saved is for: Frye boots and coral skinny jeans like Kate Middleton's.

That's how I would prefer to be enriched, anyway.  Who needs hand-held access to junk mail when you can have coral skinny jeans?

A question we should all be asking ourselves...


Debbie said...

yea...I have asked myself that question on many occasion. Love Mom (aka to fat for skinny anything)

april said...

I can't do that, even for coral skinny jeans (which thankfully, would look terrible on me).

Kathryn Neidhardt said...

You're so strong! Wish I could do it!

I tagged you in a fun blogger game "11 things" that's going around - see my post for the details!

Jennifer Haas said...

I wish I could rock the coral skinny jeans! :) I like your way of thinking to get a new wardrobe :)