Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fight Cancer With ME!!

I wear sunscreen.

I don't smoke.

I exercise regularly.

I stand at least five feet away from the microwave when it's in action.

I avoid "mystery meats" and growth hormones.

I have good intentions to eat vegetables and other foods packed with vitamins and antioxidants.


I'm scared of cancer, is what I'm trying to say.

I try to avoid it like, well, cancer.

In my list of fears a diagnosis in myself or someone I love is definitely in my top six.

(The Dark is ahead only because it's one of those unavoidable things; it is going to be dark, and that is where serial killers live.)

It literally scares the pants right off of me.  If you said, "Hey, did you know wearing those pants causes cancer?" I would take them off.

And then I would harass you and your mom and your best friend and your neighbor to take all of your pants off too because it would hurt me to see you hurt.

Of course, we would need to find a pants alternative, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

It's this persistent fear that calls me to act.  And to give.

Now, I don't have a lot to give, but I do have some money, and I have some time.  And I know people who have some money and some time too.  So we're getting together to find other people who have money and time....and I think you can see where this is going.

Give some money, people.  If you haven't already donated to a cancer organization, and there are many reputable charities out there, donate to my Relay For Life team.  We are the Super Hearted Heroes led by a survivor who won his battle against cancer.  (Yay!)

And as a thank you I'm giving away two of these felted wool necklaces in mint to two random folks who make a donation.*

I'm still working on a catchy slogan for my campaign.  I don't think "Felt Up For The Cure!" is gonna fit on a button.

Maybe a t-shirt.

So while I work on that, here is what you can do: go to this page, donate a few of your hard earned dollars (but let's make it a little worthwhile, people), come back here and leave a comment like "hey, gimme that necklace" or go simple with "I donated" or be a radical and tell me how cool I am.  Whatever floats your boat, as the cool-kids say.

Giveaway ends 5pm Eastern Time Friday, May 25 and I'll announce the winners ay-sap.

Let's Fight with Felt!!

hey, that just might work....

*necklaces are made by yours truly from 100% merino wool, so they won't be all rashy.  did you know merino sheep have the softest wool of all the sheep?  you're welcome.


Kathryn Neidhardt said...

Just donated! Relay for Life is such a great event! Good luck with your fundraising!

betsy herlihy said...

Good luck to your team, Stacie! !

pbj's mom said...

I just donated. Hope you reach your goal and then some!