Thursday, September 10, 2009

1.14 weeks....

Ohmigosh must clean room, finish frying skin to look the 1/4 Italian that my father claims I am, make appointment for massage, make appointment for nails, French manicure or color? Should probably stop picking at lip out of nervousness, anxiousness, frustration with groom. Finish favors, bridesmaid gifts, contact photographer, florist, band leader, coordinator, Liz, when is she going to do my hair? Is my make up appointment too early? When am I going to eat between 8am and 6pm? Run several miles today, work off cookies, pizza, sunrise sampler at Fitzgerald's, 3lbs of Thai rice, nerves. Don't kill Corey. Must find gallon of red wine. Grandpa and Bea are here, Aunt comes Friday, no more sleep. Finish last three letters. Must find more cookies, stay away from bean burritos, grease, cashews. Stop picking lip. Can I put my foot behind my head? No, bad idea in a skirt. Good thing mom isn't here. Oops, she can read my thoughts. Um..., just kidding. Is she getting a massage? That lady looks familiar. Roll up favors tonight, recruit family to help tie ribbons. Recruit family to feed me. Do I look like I feel: half ton pregnant lumberjack with crazy eyes and unkempt hair? Sleepy, must drink water. Must leave watering directions with co-workers. Should probably be working now. Corey needs a schedule. Corey needs to make up his mind. Babysitter? Still shorts weather, shorts and a sweater. Shorts weather next Friday? Two more letters. Five cranky constituents. Should I get highlights?

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