Sunday, September 20, 2009

You can call me Mrs. Lucas

So, many of you, my four loyal visitors, might be asking what I've been doing in my first two days of wedded bliss.


On Saturday I moved into an apartment that reeks of singlemandom. Not literally, of course, as I always seem to find strategically placed candles and those smelly sticks just within reach of my nose.

Weeks ago I was able to realign the furniture, sweep up a pound of dog hair, and organize the Tupperware cabinet. These past two days I dedicated to the one room that will house the majority of both of our possessions, but has the least amount of space in which to store these items: the bedroom.

Not only did I fold two laundry baskets full of DH's clothes (stands for darling husband, but i prefer da hubby, for future reference) I also refolded two drawers of haphazardly placed shirts. After that I organized his dress shirts by color. It now looks like this: blue shirt, blue shirt, blue shirt, blue shirt, lighter blue shirt, light blue shirt, light blue shirt with stripes, light blue shirt with both horizontal and vertical stripes, light blue shirt with bigger stripes, pink shirt, pink shirt, pink shirt, yellow shirt, white shirt.

Then I made sure the hangers were evenly spaced...and all the shirts faced the same way. This is making me sound....ana...uh...organized.

To further the de-bachelorizing process, I stocked the bathroom with every possible lady product and topped the bed with 12 pillows.

Next: lace doilies and stuffed unicorns.

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