Friday, September 18, 2009


Dah-dum-dee-dummmm, dah-dum-dee-dummmmm....that's actually not the song I'm using. The one I'm using goes like this: laaaa-laaaa-laaaaa-laaa-laaaaa-laaaaa-laaaaa-laaaaa. See? Much better.

Here is the run down on the last week since I was very noticeably absent from my duties (by the way, thanks for the reminder Bonnie and Katie):

  • Grandpa cut open his finger. Bandage is unsightly.
  • Maid of honor's date broke his hand. Cast is...well, a cast.
  • Two blow ups with the stepmother. Not mine, my mom's.
  • Shopping. Every. Single. Day.
  • My aunt bought me a honeymoon dress.
  • Cranberries are, apparently, out of season.
  • My seamstress doesn't do zippers.
  • Survived rehearsal.
  • Barely survived rehearsal dinner. Best friend speech revealed purposely little known facts about me.
  • Forgot things.
  • Had a lovely ladies tea party.

And now it's time for a shower. Up next on the agenda, make up. Directly followed by hair and snack. Then it's dress time and snack. After that, pictures and snack.

Details to follow.

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