Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Ah, snow...gotta love it. 

No, really.  You gotta find a way to love it or you spend the next three months in a feelings coma.

I find snowshoeing to be very relaxing and peaceful.  Just me and the elements. 

But first I have to pull on my 4" thick snow pants, zip up my arctic resistant coat, lace up my 5lb super insulated boots, and cover remaining exposed skin with hat, scarf and gloves all before I can walk out the door....then I walk back in the door because I forgot to potty.

Saturday was an excellent day for snowshoeing.  The weather was unseasonably warm (foreshadow...), so my dad and Kimberlie followed a similar dressing/potty process and we all drove out to Moreau Lake State Park for a quick jaunt around the lake.

Quick, as in as quick as our weighted little legs could maneuver size 55 snowshoes around tree trunks, snow/ice chunks, and dog leashes.  In other words, not-quick.

It's excursions like these where I wish I had a little pocket camera to document all of the wonderful sights:  beautiful snowy landscapes, frosty dog whiskers, Kimberlie falling through the ice....


Uh, yes.  My dog's whiskers were all icy.  It was sooooo cu....Oh, the other thing.

Yeah, Kimberlie fell into the lake.  Snowshoes and all. 

I felt like it all happened in slow motion.  There we were, my dad in front of me, Kimberlie in the back, the dogs chasing something somewhere in the woods.  Suddenly the ice cracked.  We heard a scream followed by a splash.  Now we're in super, super slow motion.  We turn around and see:

"Ohmigosh!!  You're IN the lake!!"

"...and your nose fell off, apparently....(oops)"

See where a camera would have been helpful here?

Everything was fine.  I yanked her out and she squirsh-squirsh-squirsh-ed all the way back to the car.

And then I played kissy face with my cutie wittle snuggle pie because his wishkers were just too tootsie cutsie!

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