Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Happy New Year indeed.

I would like to sincerely thank the lovely ladies with the short sparkly dresses and drifty eyes for the permanent hand railing indentation in my hip.  Falling into me and shoving me into said railing was an excellent way to ring in the new year.

And Tough Guy, thank you for bringing to our attention that some people just don't like to be touched.  We heard your barely audible insults loud and clear.  Oh, and no, thank you.  Corey does not want to take it outside.

Shout outs to piggy-back couple and their well wishes for the new year.  Girl On Back's "Go f*#! yourself" afterward was also very much appreciated.

I would have to say, though, what really got 2010 started off right was the cat fight over a slice of pizza.  I might have joined in the fun if my hair didn't look so dang good.  Rolling around on the floor just mats the curls.  The death threats did make the whole scene tempting, though.

It was an interesting night forecasting, I'm sure, what will be an interesting decade.  A decade that will find me snuggled up with a book and a sketch pad those weekend nights when all the crazies are know, to be safe.

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