Thursday, February 2, 2012

Elements of a drug deal

Lesson learned: some details need a liiiiitle more elaboration when telling a story through bullet points.

Like when one mentions possibly busting up a drug deal in a recent excursion to a certain state capital.

Were the cops involved?

Was your life in danger?

Did someone bust a cap?

It's a natural tendency to think of the worst possible scenario when given limited information.

(guilty, oh so guilty)

(i blame it on my vivid imagination)

(we're getting off topic here)

(by we i mean me)

(sorry to drag you in there)

So to set the record straight, I may have exaggerated my bullet point.

But I may not have either!

You tell me: there I was driving all around the dark streets of Albany trying to find parking space on a Saturday night of all nights.  I stop at a light and see what I think are several spots along a side street.  But as I'm waiting I see two suspicious characters walk across the street to one of the parked cars and get in.  They just sit there.  I pull in in front of the car and see a person get out of the car behind me and go into the car in front of me and just sit there.


And then a really nice SUV pulls up next to me and stares at me.

Was he trying to see if I was one of his regulars?

Was he trying to see if I was a cop??

That's when I grabbed everything of any value, ran toward the restaurant, and prayed my car would still be there with all four of its tires when I came back.

So, what would you call that?

Being not so familiar with drug deals I just assumed that's what that was.

I guess it could have been a meeting with a hit man, or maybe just two parents getting together under the cover of darkness to discuss the terms of their custody arrangement.

We'll never know.

And that is where my story ends.  I came back out later and my car was there, my tires were there and no one was hiding in the back seat waiting to ambush me for bein' a snitch.

So, thoughts?



Recommendations to get my brain examined?

I welcome your comments. 

The nice ones.


E said...

I'm glad you made it out alive. Sounds like a super sketchy situation.

Who Does That said...

Definitely a drug deal! Now aren't you glad that cherry's popped?!