Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I've been missing you!

Dear Friends,

I've missed you since I've been out to lunch.  And I don't mean in a turkey-sandwich-on-wheat-hold-the-mayo-in-between-phone-calls-because-the-crazy-doesn't-stop kind of way.

No I mean I've been running on auto-pilot for this entire month and I miss picturing your smiling face while you eat a buffalo chicken wrap just before you open up Corey & Stacie.

A typical day for Corey 'n me starts with a nice walk with the dog, some breakfast, a little work in the office, dinner at home, felting for me, a ball game for him and then Matlock for dessert.  Nice.  Easy.

But recently my day looks like this:
  • walk dog
  • pack bag of running clothes
  • pack bag of wool and jewelry supplies
  • pack bag of breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • run out of house without brushing teeth
  • work
  • lunch
  • work
  • think about blogging
  • get interrupted by homeless people
  • 5pm!
  • time to go home!
  • no it's not
  • run
  • (paper) towel off in office bathroom
  • sit in office: watch TV on Internet
  • sit in office: felt
  • sit in office: eat dinner
  • 7pm, now it's time to go home
  • nope
  • rehearsal for murder mystery
  • pretend to smoke Virginia Slims
  • murder someone (or do I??)
  • 10pm
  • home
  • Matlock
  • pie
  • 11pm, pass out with glasses on
Insert various meetings in "sit in office" time and that's pretty much what I can expect four days a week.  The other three days are filled with laundry, sleep and sitting without moving.

After so many weeks of this my brain gets tired.  It forgets things or refuses to function altogether.

Ok, so not entirely altogether.  I am technically still alive.  But my brain has missed a few crucial things.  Like blogging.  And zipping up my snow pants before heading out this morning.

14 degree draft = crucial.

So, in closing I hope you will take the following as a most heartfelt apology for my abscess:

"Corey, I hate the smell of your hair gel"

"What does it smell like??"

"Like sweet spit; it grosses me out."

"You do realize there isn't any spit in it, right?"


Your BFF,


E said...

Dang that life getting in the way of blogging. The nerve!

april said...

We've missed you too!

I tagged you in a meme! Feel free if you have time and want to! :)