Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Confessions


1.  My office chair made a "farty" noise on Tuesday.  I tried to recreate it so my co-workers would know it didn't come from me.

2.  I spent several minutes in a heated debate last Saturday on whether or not I was caught eating my boogers that one time when I was ten.

3.  For the record: I stopped eating boogies when I was three.

4.  My sister, Kimberlie, doesn't understand Groundhog's Day:

Kim: "So what does he see?"

Me:  "His shadow."

Kim:  "How do we know if he sees it??"

Jay with obvious sarcasm:  "He tells someone."

Kim:  "But what if the sun isn't out?"

Jay, more thick sarcasm:  "They bring out a lamp."

Kim:  "Wouldn't that give a false reading?"

5.  I had to get blood drawn and a tetanus shot at my check up on Monday.  Corey almost had to come to the appointment with me for this reason alone.  I'm what you might call a big wuss.

6.  But for realz, tetanus shots suck.  My left arm hurt for days.

Don't cry for me Argentina.

7.  I may or may not have found out who wins at the end of the Bachelor.  I am both kicking myself for spoiling the ending and relieved to now have two free hours on Mondays because there's no way I'm watching the rest of that train wreck.

8.  I won't ruin it for you.  Even though misery loves company.

9.  But I will rub something in your face right now: wanna know what my husband planned for us for Valentine's Day weekend?

An entire weekend away at the cozy Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid.

And I didn't even have to bug him.

This is where I'll come down for 3 o'clock tea and cookies.  Maybe I'll read by the fire for a spell.

Fancy a skate?  Why yes!  Indeed!

Mmmmm, I'll have what she's having.

10.  I apologize for that display of displaying.  I simply could not contain myself.


Peace out!


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

E said...

That looks like an amazing place for a weekend getaway!!! Jealous!

P.S. Steve ^ is so proper. :)

Ti$$ said...

Who is watching the dog while you are out giving him competition?

Kelly said...

Wow, that place looks amazing! Have a wonderful time!

Mamarazzi said...

oh your valentine trip sounds amazing. what a gorgeous place. i am jealous.

thanks for linking up your confessions!!

Josh and Jennifer said...

How cute is your hubby for planning such an awesome Valentines? You will have to take lots of pics!

I love your farty chair confession :)