Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Confessions


1.  In my spare time I like to browse the hairs on my head for little grays. 

And split ends.

And bugs.

Weird, right?  Ever since fifth grade I've had a very irrational fear of developing lice thanks to the teachers who put the Fear of God into us kids by threatening to take away the field trip of the year if any of us tried to bring our little "friends" along for the ride.

2.  That was before education reform.  I'm sure.

3.  I never did learn how not to use run-on sentences.

4.  But in my defense, I talk in run-on sentences.

That doesn't make it right.

5.  On Tuesday during our Valentine's Day dinner I drank a delicious glass of sparkling wine.  It's what I would call a one way ticket to Fartsville.

6.  I have to mention farts every now and then for my future reading pleasure.  Next year at this time I'll wonder what was on my mind waaaaaay back in 2012.  And when I stumble on this episode of Friday Confessions I will be pleasantly surprised.

7.  A note to Stacie of 2013 and beyond: remember how you wore those black leggings from Marshall's, like, a dozen time before you realized you can totally see through them??

Yeah, that was hilarious.

8.  Also during dinner on Tuesday the older couple next to us was discussing The Bachelor.  Had I not been consumed with shoving shrimp and bread down my throat I would have jumped in.

It was really good bread...

9.  My glasses are always dirty.

10.  I still have my 2011 calendar up.  And for just a moment, every time I glance up to see what the date is I really think it's Tuesday, January 31st.

But that is actually better than my other option: twelve months of hunky shirtless jockeys, which isn't exactly appropriate for, um, my office.


Happy Friday!!  I hope your weekend is full of sunshine, ponies and rainbows.


VandyJ said...

I am a master at run on sentences. It's just how my brain thinks and sends the ideas to my fingers. Not that it's the best way to communicate, but hey, it works.

Sandra Kohlmann said...

My glasses are always dirty, too. It's even worse now that there are two sets of grabby little hands in my world.

Josh and Jennifer said...

You crack me up!!!

Totally loved #7! I have done that many a times before! And my glasses are always dirty! I clean them and 5 minutes later, BAM, finger prints and smudges.

I am totally excited to start shopping for your package :)

Mamarazzi said...

LOL @ your note to 2013 self. awesome.

you kill me. every time. i cannot read a post on your blog without laughing out loud.

sorry i am slow getting here, some weeks just get away from me. thanks for linking up, love your confessions and i really appreciate that you play along!

E said...

I think it's impossible for glasses to stay clean for more than 5 minutes. It kills me!