Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Confessions: Washington Edition

1.  Short story: my mom asked my aunt where her pasties are.

Long story: there are all these little coffee stands on the side of the road, some of which are fronts for strip joints where the baristas hand you your coffee with, um, not much on.  My aunt offered to make us some coffee drinks, thus my mom's question.

I guess you could call those girls bare-istas.  I am too much.

2.  My mom was on a roll: later when I said I wanted to go down to the water near my aunt's house and look for crabs like I did when I was six my mom said, "Why?  You can just get those from the coffee stands."
3.  It rains here.  All.  The.  Time.  But when you're on an inside-vacation it doesn't really matter.  In fact, I wished for heavy, stormy rain.  And it came.  The day we packed up our sewing goodies.

4.  Be careful what you wish for.  I'm just sayin'.

5.  I thank my lucky stars I somehow I got out of doing dishes the entire time we were in the retreat part of my vacation.  Because I hate dishes.  HATE.  I dislike them greatly.

6.  We walked the beach (pictures to come later) and along with collecting about a hundred pounds of driftwood that somehow is coming with me on the plane, we also ran across a dead stingray and a dead sea lion.  It was sooooo gross!  But I took pictures.  Just for you.  You're welcome.

7.  I have been wearing stretchy pants every day.  The kind that would hang out past my belly button if I let them.

8.  They've had free run of my torso.

9.  I worry about Oliver-dog when I'm gone, but Corey has assured me he's doing just fine.  And has been sleeping on my pillow.

10.  As I've been writing this my aunt's cat wandered down the stairs to where my mom and I have been staying (she in the spare bedroom, me in a sleeping bag on the family room floor).  She nosed her way into the bedroom where my felt balls are also drying.  I wonder what color they'll be after they are....expelled.

I guess I could go in and get her, but I just have too many blogs to catch up on!


Come back next Friday for more...I will have gone through several airports on my way home.  By.  Myself.  This just screams disaster!

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Mamarazzi said...

girl...why aren't you linking up? is it the button requirement?

talk to me.

i really wanna know.

can't wait to see your beach adventure pictures. i love the beach!