Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  I can be lazy about some things.  Like when I ran out of mascara two months ago, instead of running out to Target, or stopping by the beauty section while already there, I've just decided to go without.  Last week I ran out of eyeliner.

2.  I left Corey...

3. go on vacation.

4.  I don't like being pranked.  Not.  At.  All.  But I have no problem crafting a fancy story to fool my mom.

5.  On Sunday I found random blood splatters on my coat.  I have no idea where it came and my hand touched it.  I am still very, very grossed out.

6.  I ate a pulled pork wrap with cole slaw for lunch Monday.  I don't like pork, I don't like BBQ sauce, and I don't like cole slaw, but mixed together they made beautiful music.

7.  For my 12 day vacation I spent several hours on Tuesday night laying out all my outfits and shoes and unmentionables.  Corey said, "You know you don't leave tomorrow, right?"  "Of course I know that!" I said.  But I didn't.

8.  So far on our little trip my mom and I have several stories that will need to be shared, like how on our travel day, yesterday, in total we were up for nearly 24 hours and by the end of it neither of us wanted to say much of anything to each other or anyone else.

9.  True to form, I immediately tried to pick up my aunt's chihuahua, Sophie.  Now, not only is Sophie not my friend, she also turned the cat, Lucy, against me.

10.  I still try to pick up Sophie.


More later, my friends. 

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E said...

I love that you had forgotten what day it was and were ready to leave. At least you were prepared!