Saturday, April 16, 2011

Retreat Wrap-Up

Was my vacation confusing to you?

I just realized I've talked about wandering around my aunt's house, her dog, collecting crabs, and then I'm talking about sewing for hours on end.  I've been in two different places and I don't think I even told you what the heck was going on!

Bad blogger, very bad.

Let's catch up: Corey's Christmas present to me was two-fold, a visit with my aunt, uncle and cousin, and then the quilting retreat my aunt's quilt group planned months ago.  My mom and I flew in Thursday night.  We hung out with the fam and did all that crazy driving that nearly sent me to the toilet to reverse my digestion.

And then, on Sunday we left for the coast and a house on the beach to do some hard core sewing (wrap-up to follow, shortly), which we did, hard corely.  And Thursday morning we packed up all the goodies and went back to my aunt's house to do more hanging.  Until Sunday.

Are we less confused now?

So, let's begin the wrap-up.

I can tell you are just shaking with anticipation.  But for time sake, I'll spare the stitch-by-stitch detail.

Here's the gang.

Boy were they goofy.  And efficient.

And since I signed an oath in blood to leave all the happenings of the quilt group with the quilt group, I can't share the funnier moments and conversations.

But I will say I am fully prepared for life's little changes.

We stayed in a house on the beach.  Which meant we spent time on the beach.  Two whole hours to be exact.  It was the less gloomy, calmer two hours of our stay.

 Isn't she pretty?

This was when we collected enough driftwood to build me a little raft on which I can float all the way back to New York.

Through the Panama Canal, of course.  It would just be downright silly to go all the way around South America.

But I digress.

We spent more time than you could possibly imagine working.  A couple of the gals were churning out a project a day, which we then hung on the walls.  By Thursday, we'd run out of wall space.

You can probably pick out my project in this group.

I'll give you a hint: it has a buncha stripes in it.

Yes, the one on the left.  I was happy to just finish something.  I spent the rest of the time rolling as many felt balls as my hands could manage.

(the other two quilts are my aunt's and mom's respectively, perty, aren't they?)

So that's that.  In summary: good time, good company, good eats, terrible weather.  In all, I give it an A.

Breakfast time, hasta manana!

(i know, spanish makes no sense in a post about quilting.  lo siento.)


bazeda68 said...

Oh great job at editing your comments about our wonderful retreat. Thanks for publishing the fun pictures. I just wish I had been familiar with your blog before the retreat!

Mamarazzi said...

"I signed an oath in blood to leave all the happenings of the quilt group with the quilt group"

i really love that, made me laugh!!

looks and sounds like an amazing time, all of it!