Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Randomocity

Friday Confessions is a bust this week.

On account of me forgetting yesterday was Friday.


I was busy taking the day off from work, and there was a lot going on.

I had to, you know, walk the dog, and make myself a hearty egg breakfast, and throw some necklaces together, and have lunch with a friend, and act in two Good Friday plays.

How can you forget it's Friday when you're in a Good FRIDAY play?

In the same way I could not know there onions in onion rings when I was five.

Things happen.

Plus, I didn't have much to confess anyway.  I'm gettin' a little sloppy with these things.

Here's one I would have listed:

I picked up my aunt's cat.  The one that doesn't seem to like being held or touched or talked to or looked at.  It was my goal to snuggle the beast, so on the last day I just went for it when her mouth was facing away from my face, so essentially I was grabbing her by the backside.  I screamed, "Look!!  I'm holding the CAT!"  It lasted all of five seconds, but it was magical.

One more:

Ever since Corey picked up a ricotta pie (tastes like a cheesecake) earlier this week I've made it a habit to take a piece with me to bed.  And I eat it in bed.  I can almost hear my saddlebags growing.

And that's all the news that's fit to print.

Later gators.

1 comment:

Mamarazzi said...

eating in bed? i can't say i have ever done that. aren't you worried about the sugar bugs left in your teeth...i worry about that stuff more than saddle bags...obviously.