Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knock off the Jesus Jokes

Ladies and Gentlemen, quick question for you: being as how we are about 2,000 years removed from the guy who, you know, saved us from eternal damnation, do we really still need to mock Him and make Him the butt of our jokes?

I mean, whether you believe he is who he said he was, is it really necessary to poke fun at anyone who felt so strongly about something they died because of it?  At the very least, can't we give him a little bit of credit for being tenacious?

Wow, Stace, where is this coming from??

Yesterday seemed to be the day for Jesus/God parodies on TV shows.  Normally I'm not that big of a fan and I'm able to pass by without much of a hissy fit, but now that we are so close to Good Friday and Easter it just seems in bad taste.  And that gets my dander up.

And when my dander is up it doesn't go down so easily, at least not without shedding a few choice words.

These are them words.

I just chose to aim them at you because you're here.  How nice of me.

Nothing personal.  Sometimes a gal just needs to let somebody know something, and puttin' it out on the Internets is a whole lot easier than a personal note to my co-workers, a note to the producer of this show and then that show and the other show, and another one to the person standing on the side of the street and the friend of a friend of a friend of my friend, or...etc, etc.

Because there are just too many people being tacky.

I know not everyone is going to believe what I believe or to the extent I believe it, but folks, I'm not laughing at your Aunt Alma who poops when she sneezes because I'm sure she doesn't like it as much as you don't like smelling it, so the least you can do is lay off my Lord and Savior.




Debbie said...

Thank you for saying what I have been feeling for so many years! Amen Stacie! Thank you God for a wonderful daughter! Love mom.

Who Does That said...

I'm laughing at so-and-so's Aunt Alma.

I'd laugh at myself if I was pooping and sneezing at the same time.

As for the mockery of Jesus...I'm not an overly religious person. I do, however, sometimes feel that the line can be crossed w/ the humor, making it go from harmless to crass. I suppose I should just be extra grateful that I don't have T.V. this week?? :)

Happy Easter!