Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  I hate wasting.  I mean, I will use watered down face soap, hand soap, dish soap, shampoo, etc. for weeks just to make sure I get every last drop out.  But I draw the line at dish sponges.

Washed four dishes, time to throw it out!

Those suckers are nasty, and the smell of one even slightly used makes me gag.

2.  I might be the only adult who loves Peeps.  I've never grown out of sugar coated fluffy sugar.

3.  Don't get me started on chocolate covered Peeps.  I hope the genius who created that masterpiece got a raise.

4.  Now that I have about half a million felt balls to throw together I'm finding myself very busy all the time.  I am also finding wool clinging to every surface I come in contact with at home, at work, in my car, etc.

5.  Guilty pleasure, movie edition: Dirty Dancing Havana Nights.  Don't judge.

6.  I thought I was being really good about my new healthy breakfast of oatmeal with walnuts.  Then I realized how much brown sugar I added.

7.  While feeling around pocket in my purse for my lipstick I found the two chocolate Nestle eggs I threw in for after lunch and what I thought was a third:

"Oh!  I packed three, wait.  That's a bouncy ball."

8.  I keep strange things in my purse.  However, I did finally take out the little bottle of Tabasco sauce.  In the two years it's been in there I have not found it necessary.

9.  But I did keep the night light.

10.  My sister called me an Indian giver last week.  I told her that saying isn't quite correct.

"Fine.  Then you're a Native American giver."

Not really my confession, but funny nonetheless.

Happy Friday!!


Who Does That said...

I will pass along peeps to your mom for you. I got a bunch of them for Easter. No way can I eat them all. I even let one pack get a bit stale (leaving them open on my desk at work) and I still wasn't crazy about them. You will be getting some yellow chicks soon :)

Ashley said...

Ooh, chocolate covered peeps. That sound genius.

jen said...

i just recently removed the two year old expired metro card from my purse, i dont live in the city, dont really visit that much either, but i had the card which meant i could go and visit...

Laurie said...

I believe that I saw it on Pioneer Woman, but I can't remember 100%. I just know that I saw someone do PEEP SMORES.
Hello, Genius!
I'm not a huge fan of peeps, but THAT sounds like a fantastic idea.