Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coming Together For Hope: check

Remember that thing I was talking about last week?

You know, that little event keeping me from blogging, and working, and keeping up with friends, and eating normal meals at normal hours of the day?

Well, that little event is over.

(enter huge sigh of relief here)

It darn near killed me, a fact Corey can attest to after seeing me nearly face plant in my french toast the next day, it definitely fried me, and I needed a full three days to recover.

My best friend with a red beard, Pete of PJN Photography, was our official photographer.  I know you're dying to see pictures of the thing.  Especially after reading my weekly rants of waning sanity, and then not reading because I was always just too busy.  I promise I'll post some when I get them

Yeah, just like how you posted pictures of Kimberlie getting snotted on by that alpaca.

Ok, that was an entirely different situation depending on my mom, who does not have a professional reputation to protect, getting me those pictures which are still floating around somewhere.

But I digress.

The day was good.

Crazy, hectic, and long, but good.

Here are some bullet points with words after them:
  • The event was about bringing people to Jesus, and thankfully there was no actual going to Jesus when two of the larger-than-a-two-bedroom-house bounce houses deflated.
  • Or when some of the vendors packed up early and drove their cars straight through the field.
  • We'd do things differently next time.
  • I suffered from swampy feet all day.  Note to self: bring extra shoes when dew is involved.
  • Additional note to self: remember that you actually have extra shoes while wishing you had extra shoes.
  • I will from now on leave notes for myself: Is your zipper where it should be?
  • On the occasions when it is so important for it to be up, it is usually down.
  • Two words: Christian rap.
  • Three more: I like it.
  • Now four words: Anthony Kohlhepp is cool.
  • You'd think churches would be all over a church-type event.  They weren't.
  • (shrugs shoulders)
  • Our planning committee was awesome and now that we aren't meeting every second of the day I kinda miss them.
  • I got to carry a walkie talkie. 
  • My dad wore a Mickey Mouse shirt because he goes by Mick.
  • My dad is goofy.
  • (shakes head)
  • Up next: serving breakfast to thousands at 5am to raise money for the same soup kitchen. 
  • With all this work we should at least get a discount on our meals.
  • That was a lame joke.
  • The executive director and his wife are on my "Nicest People I Know" list.
  • They showed me where the secret stash of chocolate is in the basement.
  • I needed it.
Chew on that for now, folks, until I get some pictures up and running.

Oh, the anticipation!!!


april said...

Glad you got through it, glad it worked out well for you!

PS - Spencer is scared to death of bounce houses. If he had been in one when it deflated I think he would have been traumatized. Not that he ever would have set foot in one to begin with ... :)

jen said...

I am so happy to see the event was a success and that the vendors did NOT drive across the field because your fly was down...