Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  I was told by one 10 year old that I must know everything because I educated her on what's the deal with hiccups (irritation of the phrenic nerve that runs alongside the lung), a fact that I learned in a biology class that somehow stuck with me.

2.  I found a little ball of chocolate under my arm Wednesday.  Something I don't like admitting.  I've hit a low point, people.

3.  If you live in a box you may not have heard about the little 5.8 earthquake that hit the entire east coast Tuesday.  By the time we felt it way up here in northern New York it was just a little rumble but that did not stop me from putting the years of earthquake drills to use.

"C'mon Oliver!  Let's get under a doorway!"

It was dumb.  Most people I talked to didn't even feel the thing.

4.  Tuesday was my shift to work at my boss's booth at the Washington County Fair.  As far as food goes, I wanted to do it right: bean burrito the size of my head, basket of fried pickles and ice cream cone.

5.  My stomach hurt until Thursday.

6.  When Corey gets excited he yells, "BANG!"  But when he's not around someone to yell it, he texts it and the recipient just has to picture the fist pump and bulging eye balls.

7.  Speaking of Corey, we were hanging out with friends one night when one of the girls couldn't find her phone.  It was getting dark so we're using flashlight apps on our own phones to check the ground.  This goes on for at least 15 minutes when my little genius says, "Oh, I have it right here in my pocket!"

8.  I have to cut Friday Confessions short.  First, it's not even Friday anymore (my bad), and second, we've got a little thing called Hurricane Irene threatening to shut off our power. 

Stacie Lucas, over and out.


april said...

Stay safe up there!

E said...

I often have moments when I think something is missing and then find it in a normal place like my hand or pocket.

P.S. You're not actually supposed to stand in doorways. The door could actually injure you if the earthquake causes it to swing.