Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And then it's over...

Merry (belated) Christmas!!

In a whirlwind of Christmas activities I chose to neglect the blog.

No hard feelings though, several activities got the ax this year.

There were no Christmas cookies.

No holiday newsletter.

And my homemade gifts to all the families were less work than usual.

After a full year of blech (this is a sound effect word, I sometimes substitute actual words for sounds, don't judge) I needed to be able to enjoy this Christmas season.

And I did!

There still was a little flurry of activity toward the end, but I was still able to have actual conversations with people in which I could fully participate without scrolling through mental checklists, Corey and I were able to slip away to Lake Placid for a couple days (more on that tomorrow), and I could enjoy our church's Christmas Eve service.

People, you have no idea how necessary it was to (almost) end this year on a good note.

I may still make a huge, ginormous black X over 2011 in my mind forever and ever but for right now I can start 2012 in a pretty state of mind.


As long as the Giants beat Dallas on New Year's Day, of course.  More on that Tuesday after I've recovered from what looks like will be a long, cold night in New Jersey.


april said...

Merry Christmas, Stacie!

2011 sucked all around. 2012 has to be better, right?

E said...

The saddest part of this blog post: "there were no Christmas cookies." Although I ate more than I should, I don't regret it for a minute.