Friday, December 30, 2011

My Thoughts, Exactly: Unecessary Thriftiness

This post is brought to you by my straw hair, my clumpy eyelashes and my new daily struggle against disheveledness.

Hello friends.

Stacie, here.

Save-a-buck Stacie.

Sends-in-$2-rebates-and-waits-four-months-for-the-check Stacie.

Picks-up-quarters-off-the-street-but-just-quarters-because-it's-not-worth-risking-hepatitis-for-a-nickle....I'm thrifty is what I'm trying to say here.

I also don't get to the point quickly.

But anybaddecision, I ran out of a few beauty products two weeks ago:  shampoo, and mascara.  Usually I'll go a few weeks using Corey's man shampoo and stepping out into the world with naked eyelashes, but I felt ambitious.  So I took a lunch trip to Target.

This is what I decided to get for my hair. It said "professionals" on the bottle and I remembered the commercials showing salon hair-doers using it and thinking it was super expensive. I said to myself, I says, "Stace, you know commercials don't lie. And if those hair-doers say this stuff is the best in the world you just might want to give it a shot."

So I did.

And it's awful.

Imagine my shock when I found my $1.50 bottle of shampoo left my hair complete dry and frizzy and generally yucky.

My advice is to avoid Suave's 2 in 1 shampoo, unless hot mess is the look you're going for.


Now, in that same Target trip I meandered down the make-up aisle. I literally dread buying mascara (which is why I go so long before buying a tube each time I run out) because it is just too expensive.

Seriously. You stick black goop into a teeny tube with a mini toothbrush stuck to the lid. Why does that cost $15? With this latest mascara purchase I wanted to prove to myself and to the world that it doesn't make a difference whether you're spending $15 at Clinique or $4.29 on Cover Girl.

Here's another surprise: it actually does.

My new "professional" mascara goes on in four very clumpy layers and then only comes off if I pull the entire eyelash out of my skin.

Now, I'm no professional, but shouldn't this process be a little, I don't know, easier?

Or prettier??

Save yourselves. And your eyelashes. Find your nearest Clinique counter, but only during bonus time because that's the only time you can justify to your husband why you just spent $30 on a tube of mascara the size of a tampon (and not even the heavy flow kind) and a one ounce jar of foundation.

"But just look at all this free stuff!"


Who Does That said...

I've never had luck w/ Suave...or any 2 in ones. HOWEVER, when my hair has come out fried and nasty, leaving some conditioner in my hair has helped. Cheap trick :)

I will NOT spend big bucks on mascara! I do dread buying it because yes, it is expensive. But believe it or not, I bought a tube of the NYC brand (what, $2?) and I like it. I just don't use a ton of it at once clumps.

SSS said...

Girl, you just need to make better drugstore choices. First, 2 in 1 shampoos are the Devil's work. That crap is for men who shower 37 seconds before they are to leave the house, let the suds run down their bodies and call it a "wash." Heck, I buy crappy ol' Herbal Essences and don't pay more than $1.99 with a coupon (P&G Saver is where it's at).

Speaking of coupons, if you're buying drugstore make up without a coupon, you're a fool. (I say that with all the love in the world, though.) You can get two coupons for the same brand of makeup (there is almost always a coupon for So'n'So's eye products and then one for any product by So'n'So makeup maker in every Sunday paper) and then buy it at RiteAid/CVS/whateveryouhaveupthere during a Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off deal. You just need to buy the one that everyone raves about: Cover Girl Lash Blast (I'm not a fan but I'm super picky about mascara, but I do recognize why people like it.) and buy two of them so 1) you aren't spending as much and 2) you won't look like you were in a bar fight when you run out of your first tube because BAM, you have a second that you GOT ON SALE.

Take all that crap you have back and get your money back.

The girl currently sporting a very messy bun, glasses, no makeup, a gray hoodie, no brassiere, socks and slippers. ... because that's the sign of someone who knows what she's talking about.

Kathryn said...

That's disappointing about suave, because those commercials are sooo convincing. But I think the downfall is the 2 in 1. You need some conditioner.

I always buy drugstore make-up, and I really like the covergirl mascara in an orange tube. I've been using it for a while and haven't found it to be clumpy. Was what you bought waterproof? I sometimes find waterproof mascara to get clumpy really soon after you open it.

Kara said...

I'm never satisfied with 2-in-1 Shampoos and Conditioner! I'll use it if I'm in a rush and plan to toss my hair in a ponytail, but I don't think I'd every use it as a go-to hair product!

As for mascara - I always buy Cover Girl, but I'll "splurge" on the $8 or $9 tube rather than the cheaper stuff. I don't find that it clumps at all, and it beats spending $15 on department store brands.