Monday, December 5, 2011

New Developments

My family is wacky:

--My sister Kimberlie and I have a new way of communicating, we blink the Morse code (which neither of us actually knows) and then try to translate what the other is saying.

"Every Thursday you train your dolphin to fart cookies??"

What's worse: in a fit of blinks looking like you're pre-seizure or cackling in the middle of a ladies Christmas program at church?

--This same sister, in a serious conversation, said our grandmother's ashes are in a urinal.

She meant to say "urn."

--I sat down to talk to my dad in his office on Friday about some semi-serious stuff.  He interrupted me:

"Hold on, I need my thinking hat."

He then put on a fedora.


And Corey wonders why I am the way I am.

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E said...

I feel like we're twins. My dad is random and my sister and I are ridic. Twins, I tell you.