Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

It's been awhile Ten on Tuesday....
1. What is your favorite online-only store?
Etsy.  A thousand times Etsy!  You can find handmade, unique, one of a kind items.  (like felted jewelry, shameless plug)  In second place: Amazon.

2. Do you enjoy wrapping gifts?
Yes, and I pride myself on my perfect corners.

However, if you've received a less-than-perfectly wrapped gift from me it's because I didn't feel like trying.  Nothing personal.

3. What is the temperature in your city today?
32.  Which is warm.  So warm I didn't bring a coat to add to the four layers I'm already wearing.  Yesterday at this time it was 20.

4. What time do you eat dinner?
Usually around 6:30 or 7:00....whenever Corey finishes making it.

Don't judge.

5. Will you be making New Years Resolutions?
Probably.  And I will probably forget about them by February.

6. How old is your oldest pair of shoes that you still wear?
I have a pair of sandals I bought my junior year of high school, so 13 years.  I can probably attribute their long life to me wearing grocery bags over my feet when it rained.

7. Do you have any restaurant phone numbers saved in your phone?
I have two: my favorite local eatery, GG Mama's and the Thai place for those intense pineapple fried rice cravings.

8. What is your favorite and least favorite letter to write in cursive?
I write in a combination of cursive and print.  I call it lazy hand.  So I only use what feels good scrolling across the page.  If I don't like how my cursive r's look, I don't use 'em.

This is by far the most random question I have ever been asked in. my. life.  Congrats Chelsea.

9. Do you know any good riddles?
Yes.  But I don't remember a single one of them.

I have the memory of an earthworm.

10. How do you feel about snow?
Love, love, love.  As long as I'm dressed for it.  Like head to toe thermal, waterproof everything, and I don't care if my hair gets frizzy.  I always say if it's going to be this darn cold, why not have a foot of snow to cover up all the brown?

Think about it...it makes sense.


Wonderful set of random questions by Chelsea, as usual!  Hop over to Roots and Rings to play along!

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