Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Confessions


1.  This is several weeks of confessions lumped together because:
  • I kept forgetting it was Friday
  • I kept forgetting the dumb things I did/said each week
  • I sometimes get lazy
2.  But I have an excuse: I get carried away with everything the entire month of Christmas.

Except blogging.

3.  On one of the blogs I follow someone wrote "Whole Foods has a 'grow your own mushroom garden'".  I read: "grow your own mustache garden" and was totally psyched!

Even though I have no idea what a mustache garden would even look like.

4.  I ran into my favorite cashier (see #2) last week.  This time when he saw me he said, "oh it's are you?" as coyly as a 17 year old can be.

5.  Last Monday I thought it was Friday.

6.  I ordered a few small gifts for Corey from Amazon.  They offer free shipping on some items as long as the entire order is over $25 but my order was only $24.42.  I broke down and bought the cheapest thing I could find.

7.  A used Don Juan Demarco DVD.

8.  It was for myself.

9.  A lot of people find Corey & Stacie by Google searching Devon Sawa. 

My first thought: how many obsessed 13-year-old girls in the mid-90s turned obsessed late twenty-somethings are there?

And my next thought: I wonder what he looks like today....

10.  I kid.  I already know what he looks like today.  (obsessed late twenty-something raises hand)

What?!.  Have you seen him in Little Giants??  A-dor-a-ble.


Mamarazzi said...

LMAO...mustache garden, uh yeah...stoked!!

Happy New Year, thanks for linking up!!

Anonymous said...

1. I totally read that as "mustache garden" too.
2. I also buy the cheapest thing I can in order to reach $25 for free shipping. I added a cookie sheet to my order yesterday to do just that.
3. I just Googled Devon Sawa.