Monday, December 12, 2011

Deck the halls with egg nog and more cookies please

And now all the news that's fit to put out on the Interwebs:

Corey and I had a few friends over to celebrate Christmas Saturday night.  It was a twist on our usual invite-everyone-we-know-and-hope-and-pray-none-of-them-spill-red-wine-on-the-couches Christmas event.  Instead we spent a few hours munching on appetizers before heading out to our favorite restaurant for dinner.

It's simple math: less people means less chances our furniture will get ruined.

But somewhere in that formula x = Corey's dropsies and amounts to a bottle of tonic exploding everywhere and our glass Pyrex measuring cup shattering.


One of our guests is responsible for making egg nog every year.  And I am responsible for drinking most of it.  This usually leads to complaining very loudly about how hot it is right where I am standing.

Bourbon has this horrible effect of tasting oh-so-good when the burny characteristics are masked over by raw egg.  You have a tendency to forget what you are drinking is going to make you tell secrets and laugh at inappropriate times.

Hypothetically, of course.

Another guest made cheese cookies, which is simply a combination of two of my most favorite things: cheese and cookies.  Duh.  There were chocolate crackle cookies (more of my favorite ingredients), veggies, dips and cheeses. 

Food weighs heavily in how I rank events.  And based on this year's weight gain I've had myself a grand time.

We made our dinner reservation for 9pm.  As in one hour before I usually drift off to sleep without a belly full of eggy bourbon.  I was able to stay awake and jolly through the jokes and stories and holiday merriment, but when the clock struck midnight my buggy turned back into a pumpkin and I nearly face planted into my chocolate lava cake.

My dear, sweet, I-can-function-just-fine-on-four-hours-of-sleep, husband stayed out with his friends while I crawled into bed at 12:45am.  It was a miracle I managed to also crawl into pjs.

Overall, it was a lovely time, we have some pretty great family and friends.


Annnnnd now it's time for Christmas frenzy.  Only 14 days to go, people.

Santa's crazy shopper, over and out.


Kathryn said...

14 Days?? Ahhh, where is time going?

E said...

Yum, egg nog. Now I might just have to make some.