Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stacie says: "Love your animals, Please!"

I've put my stamp on this day: it's not going to be good.

I'll make this quick because I'm a total emotional basketcase when it comes to most certain things.

Like animals.

Oh I love me some animals.  And I've had plenty: dogs, fish, a rabbit, a guinea pig, a turtle, some lizards, a couple birds, ducks, ferrets and probably more I'm forgetting.

And when I see even the slightest hint of mistreatment I'm affected.

I saw a guy yell at his puppy for barking and then yank up on his collar while walking in Saratoga Sunday and I had to call Corey in tears.  I don't know why I'm like this, but I am.  Corey definitely doesn't understand it.

And today is the worst of it: a friend of ours has an appointment this afternoon to put her dog to sleep.

Her perfectly healthy seven year old dog.

I'm not going for "misery loves company" here, I have a point.

This dog, Dierks Bentley, is a pit bull that lead a much different life before he found his permanent home with our friend.  He was abused and mistreated and taught to be aggressive.  They were his formative years and so he carried this aggression with him.

Corey and I looked after him not too long ago.  He's sweet and loves to play, walk and chase squirrels.  His only flaw, besides shredding expensive comforters, is this strong desire to attack other dogs.  He got that chance on Sunday.  Due to a situation beyond our friend's control Dierks came into contact with a small dog and killed it.

So now he is going to die.  This afternoon.  I tried as hard as I could to find a better alternative; rehabilitation or placement at a farm far, far, far away from other dogs but what I found is that there are thousands of pit bulls in this same situation just in our region every single week

And they are put down too.

This is too much for me, people.  I hope it is too much for you too.

You don't have to be like Corey and me and have a special blanket so your dog can climb up on the couch because the floor is just not soft enough or make special trips for the treats he really likes.  But you should, at the very least, show your animals the respect they deserve as contributing member of your household.  Because they do provide in some way; either through companionship, protection or entertainment.

To treat them any other way is cruel and always leads to pain further down the road.

Let people know that.


jen said...

that breaks my heart...give oliver dog an extra hug tonight...

E said...

So, so sad.

Kathryn said...

Aw, this makes me really sad.

Who Does That said...

Dierks was beautiful :( It's very sad...this is why pitbulls have the reputation the do, unfortunately. It's not the dog's fault, it's their idiotic owners. (And I'm not, of course, talking about your friend.)