Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's all fun and games until someone gets weird

You may not know this about Corey, but he's an 8-year-old on the inside.

Way down deep inside.

Like past the aches and pains and never-ending stream of gas of a nearly 40-year-old.

He chases fire trucks and watches airplanes take off from a parking lot near his office.  And at all times we have several of those horrible 79 cent pizzas sitting in our freezer.
It's fun.  And most of the time I get a kick out of his little quirks.

Then we had some crazy person hiding in the bushes next to our apartment building.

Corey Lucas went on the case.

The night we found the guy Oliver was actually the one who rooted him out of the bushes.  He barked his big boy bark and the guy slowly walked back through the parking lot toward the street.

I watched the whole thing unfold from the safety of our bedroom, so I could see him slinking by, and then sprinting around the front of our building.

To say this dude was a creepster would have been flattering.

Corey ran upstairs.

"Did you see that?!"

We tried to spy on him through the windows as he seemed to be casing the small high school behind our building but it was too bright inside.  So I turned off all the lights.

Still too bright.  I put out the candles.

Nope, not good enough.  I unplugged the tree.

And then we were standing in pitch black.

Corey called the police.
"I'd like to report a suspicious subject."

They put him on hold.

Meanwhile, creepster was walking up and down the school's steps.  He twirled a little bit.  Then he jumped the fence and headed back toward our building.

Still on hold....

He came back to the school.  Found a rock.  Oh no!  Is he going to use that rock to bust in the school's windows?!?

No.  He just wanted to stand on it and spin in circles.

Finally we get through to the cops.  Corey tells them what happened, but in running to find my phone and tape the whole strange scene I lost track of Dr. Creepy so we couldn't say which direction he went.


After hanging up Corey decides to take the law in his own hands.  He suits up Oliver in his walk attire and the two of them head back downstairs.  For 20 freezing (literally) minutes they walk up and down the sidewalk looking for the perp.  A few cops drive by, but no one is able to locate the guy.

Corey finally came back upstairs.  He realized how cold he was.  All the excitement must have turned off some senses in order to heighten others.

Grown up cops and robbers will do that to a person.


What happened to Mr. McCreepin, you ask?

Not to worry.  We found out the next week our strange friend is actually a student at the school.


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Mamarazzi said...

oh my...what an eventful crime watch filled evening.