Friday, May 22, 2009

120 days...

Under four months now. Do I sound like a pregnant lady describing her swollen ankles and weight gain? September 1st, will I be taking three naps a day and telling everyone who will listen how ready I am to have this wedding over with?

"Look at her, she has that pre-wedding glow."

"Honey, don't eat that. It's bad for the wedding dress."

"Sit down for a minute. You ARE doing the work for two, after all."

hmmm...I hope Corey's prepared for the post-wedding attention withdrawl. And I hope he's equally prepared for the cure (eviiiil laugh).

(there will be no further comment or reference to the timing or process of Corey Jr.'s arrival because, 1. it's our business, and 2. my DAD reads this blog! ewwwww!)

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