Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Juicer vs. The Vacuum

Corey and I registered at Macy's several months ago. No surprise, we did not agree on much that night.

"Darling, I like this China."
"Sweetheart, I don't. I like this one over here."

"Sugar pie, what about this flatware?"
"Honey, it doesn't match the china."

"Stacie, these pans would be great."
"Corey, they are way too expensive."

"Why do you need a Martha Stewart cake plate?"

"When are you going to use a Wok??"

"Hey, why don't you just finish the stupid thing yourself?"

"Shut up about the stupid WAFFLE IRON!!"

In the middle of all of this is when we come across the juicer. I see a little $20 Cuisinart juicer sitting on the corner of a shelf and think how perfect it would be, Corey loves fresh juice.

I call him over, we turn the corner and find 5 juicers. Each one is bigger and better...and more expensive than the last. He skips right over to the granddaddy of them all. It's a beast, five feet tall and 400 pounds of bone crushing ability (but i exaggerate). I'm assuming for $200 it serves the juice in bed. He fumbles through the description, hands shaking with pure child-like excitement as he scans the bar code. We move on.

A few minutes later we come to the vacuums. I have my heart set on the Dyson Animal, but I decide to save that for a special treat to myself later. I see the smaller, battery operated swiffer-type vacuums. Honestly, this would be perfect for the miles of hardwood in the new place, and better yet, it's only $29.99. I call Corey over to scan it. He looks at it, reads the box, and finally says,

"let's do a little research on this first."

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Meg said...

hah! Oh the compromises of relationships...