Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cats fondly referred to as "The Boys"

Actually, yes. I will comment about the cats. Two cats. Two completely opposite cats in terms of personality and likeability...and fur length, color and texture. To clarify, these cats are like night and day. Yet, both hate me equally.

Brief: Kippling is a white Himalayan with a sweet, good natured disposition (however, he is always annoyed with my cuddling attempts and pretends to be sleeping when i am around). I have no idea what Tullemore is besides the cat version of a 'roid raging, post-adolescent who's just waiting for a reason to be mad (i am very afraid. we don't make eye-contact).

Many a night in the North Country have been spent watching the cats. Throwing balled up pieces of paper at them taking, squeeling with delight when they start to clean themselves, or taking pictures while they roll around on the floor. And by "they" I really mean Kippy. Tulley spends this time perched on a ledge somewhere watching and planning his attack.

This is what I woke up to Sunday morning. Pret-ty scary...
(settle down guy i stole this picture from, i will let everyone know it's not actually my picture. and for the attitude i am not going to be giving you any credit. so nyah.)

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