Thursday, May 21, 2009

121 days...

Crisis averted. Meltdown over. Wedding: on.

Yesterday's mini-breakdown stems from me wanting it all. Selfish, spoiled, brat? Um, no. The live giraffes and fireworks display would solely be for our guests benefit. The elephant, on the other hand, would be for me...I've always wanted to ride one bare back like they do in Africa.

With help from the FH (that's Future Husband in chatspeak) I have come to the realization that I not only can't have it all, but I don't NEED it all.

I don't NEED the ice cubes cut in the shapes of our initials, or the diamonds glued to my nails. I can go on living if Frank Sinatra himself does not make an encore performance for our first song!

Because that is not what it's all about folks! It took one auto-pilot commute, a frantic phone call, and four bags of leftover St. Patrick's Day chocolates for me to realize that it's about Mssr. Corey and Beetle lovin' each other and gettin' hitched.

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