Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a thought...

Off topic, why did John Q. Toaster make the slots of his most famous invention so narrow and deep? Did he not have enough forethought of the types of foods, such as my whole grain English Muffins, that would be placed in his toasting machine? Or was he satisfied enough with his initial toasting concept that he left the design of the raising mechanism up to his less-adept and little known partner, William T. Lever?

Daily, I play the real life version of Operation where I am the tweezers, the metal sensor, AND the loud, obnoxious buzzer. My shrunken English Muffin is the impossible funny bone. And with the same amount of patience I have for the game, I eventually give up on preserving the flesh of my fingers and stick 'em in the dang toaster. After all, my real life reward is much tastier and more easily digestible than those plastic pieces.

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