Saturday, May 9, 2009

132 days...

Chocolate is my valium. It's my Benadryl PM without the groggy side effect. I just ate one of the best brownies in the state of New York (what? have a better brownie?...and you think I should judge a taste test?!) and all is well. Moist and delicious gooiness with mini chocolate chips and walnuts on top makes the world alright.

I haven't heard from my seamstress in a month. I'm not worried.

75 more invitations to go. Eh, I'll finish 'em.

Wedding shoes make me taller than the groom. I can squat.

Still no string duo to round out the trio....yeah, no problem....

No honeymoon flight or accommodations booked, um....that's.....ok.

Florist closed up shop....AAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!

Ahem, excuse me. I have to, uh, take care of some things.

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