Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The players...bride's side

Announcer says:

In this corner, checking in at barely 5’ is Liz the barracuda. She may have a low center of gravity, but beware of those perfectly manicured nails!

In that corner we have the towering titaness of terror, Jill from Philly. She'll bake your foot if you don't WATCH OUT!

In the other corner hovers Katie the banshee. Her shrieks will paralyze your SOOOOOOUL!

In that corner over there is Kimberlie the...uh.....oh, she's babysitting.

And finally, in the last corner of this pentagonal ring is Lily the not-so-innocent. Harmless little figure skater? You'll be guessing again with a toe pick in your forehead!

Oh, it's on groom's side. On like Steel Magnolias.