Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Time - By Corey

Holiday time signifies various things, and things to do; cocktails and punches you only get once a year, roaring fires, trips to Mirror Lake Inn, homemade candy, cookies, gingerbread men, college bowl games, holiday parties, snow storms, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and on and on....if you aren't participating in at least 2 of the below items, you're missing out!

As for the punches; my favorite....Southern Comfort Punch, (I can't give this recipe out, it's top secret; there is a full bottle of booze in it, but you'd never know..just ask Stacie, it kicks her butt every year!)

Eggnog, (see below) a holiday favorite.....and this I will give you, so get your pen and paper out....

Here is Corey's Eggnog recipe:
12 egg yolks, 5 cloves, whole4 cups milk, 4 cups cream, 4 cups light rum, 1+ ¾ cups sugar,2+ ½ teaspoons vanilla essence, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, ground ¾ teaspoon nutmeg, ground. As far as what to do with all these ingredients...well that's up to you!

Mirror Lake Inn - A must if you've never been (Stacie loves it here) Wonderful during the holidays, great brunch, restaurants, and any "winter activity" you can think of...

College Bowl Games - These are very exciting(the 4-5 blog followers might not agree however!) If you're interested in the "Bowl Pool" let me know!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - You must see this! Stacie and I go each year....we love it and recommend it to all of you(all 4-5 followers!)
* Photos provided by Corey

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Mr. Apron said...

Hmpf. I thought you meant "punches" as in closed-fisted missives that leave you with contusions.

Like 21st birthday punches.

Boy, was I off. I'd better stop hitting people this Christmas. I thought it was customary.