Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Husband's Effort

He meant well.  I know he did.  Which is why I could only laugh when I pulled out the lunch Corey packed for me yesterday.

A slice of pumpkin bread, an apple, and cheesy crackers.


Although delicious and almost nutritious, it wasn't quite enough to last me through the day, let alone through my after work cardio kickboxing torture.

" this it??"

In his defense, there were fantasy football stats that needed to be addressed and a dog to harass.  And this had to be done early, because the later part of the morning would be dedicated to looking out the window and watching for our furniture to be delivered.

"uh, hi, I'd like my usual turkey wrap to go, please...."

He also only had two nights of leftovers to work with. 

"...and potato salad on the side."

To be honest, I never actually said I needed a "main course."  I guess I just assumed he was familiar with lunch protocol.  You know what assuming does...

"Can you throw in a chocolate chip cookie?"

So, thank you, Corey, for the sincere effort, and I will try not to be so ambiguous about my lunch expectations in the future.

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