Monday, December 14, 2009

Mensa membership down by three

I surround myself with intelligent people.  Why?  Because us smarties gotsta stick together. 

I have a sister who constantly surprises me with her insight:

"I'm left-handed in the mirror, too!"

"I didn't know you could put wet clothes in the washer..."


"Pigeons can fly here (NYC)! I thought they all adapted to be like humans and walked around on the ground."

Brilliant.  But wrong.

Then there's my dad.  The same dad who says "arrears" and prays for naked people....not in that way.  He also provides me with gems like:

"Does that sign say Krispy Kreme?!....Oh, no. Western Wear."

And finally, Corey.  The man I did not marry for his mechanical abilities or knowledge of human anatomy.

Me: "Boy did I have to pee!"

Corey: "So you emptied your uterus?"

See?  Smart.

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