Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yes.  We chased all emergency vehicles.  And it definitely was as silly as it sounds.

Especially when this happened:

" when I got to the office she was..."

Sirens in the distance.

"Shhhhhh.  Wait a second.  Do you hear that."


Looks through blinds in the living room.  Looks through blinds in the bedroom.

"We've got a situation."

"Oh here we go...."

"Bpppssshhhh.  Dispatch oh-two-four we've got a (mumbles "police talk") on Main.  Oh-niner responding.  Over.  Bppppssssshhhh."

"Don't tell me..."

"Get your shoes on.  We gotta go."

"But...It's 10:30!"

"Let's move!  We've got a situation!"

And off we went.  My job was to watch for flashing lights while Corey drove and "radioed dispatch."  We'd drive all over Saratoga looking for the fire, car accident, or double homicide but would always eventually find burnt cookies or a cat stuck in a tree.  Then we would drive by slowly.  Corey would make sure no one needed assistance before heading back home.

Of course he would need to report back to dispatch.

"All clear."

I'd like to say this happened only once, because of course that would make us seem less, oh I don't know, crazy, but this was a regular outing for a very long time.

And then Corey got sick...

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