Friday, February 5, 2010

So, today's Friday

But I digress.

So Corey and I are an item.  Or at least on our way to being an item.  Several weeks into knowing each other I still believe he spells his name with an i-e at the end (because he told me so) and that he had never heard of Dunkin' Donuts (also told me so).

I was educated on everything horse racing, shown the finer side of Saratoga, and experienced PJ's BBQ which is by far the best place to get a sloppy joe this side of the Pacific, I'm just sayin'.

I muster the courage to broach the subject of "going steady" and the conversation that followed had all the pieces of a formal interview.

"Yes, I do like you."

"...only you."

"Um, I guess I could provide a urine sample for analysis."

That was a joke.  I didn't really pee in a cup right there in my driveway, but we did eventually agree on the terms and conditions of the newly formed relationship, heretofore.

I spent the next few months learning that my new boyfriend was a horse racing fanatic.

"Who won Horse of the Year 1987?"

"Why Ferdinand, of course.  He won only 4 of 10 races during the year and raced exclusively in California, but finished strongly in a season in which no horse clearly earned the award.  Duh."

"I handicapped today's card and if Panty Raid can beat out Lawyer Ron, who is the obvious closer, in the third race I just might win my exacta."

"Everyone knows a 2 year old turf horse off a six month lay up is going to run third."

Closing day of the Saratoga meet was hard on him that summer, as it always is, I was told.  We drove around somberly playing Enya's* "One by One" while he saluted to the front of the track, the Reading Room, Siro's, the guy who parked his car, the side of the track, Mexican Connection, the lady that sold the hats, the lemonade stand, the first turn, and the little girl who sold brownies on her front porch.
He eventually recovered and went back to his second favorite activity:  chasing emergency vehicles....

*2005 was the summer of Enya.  "I swear that CD isn't mine.  It' mom's!"  We listened to it.  We sang to it.  He still has it.

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