Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A quick note

To my concerned neighbors,

No, Corey and I are not holding a sickly 85 year old man against his will in our apartment.

That coughing you hear at 7:00 in the morning, followed by hacking and then spitting is Corey.  The gagging, however, is me.  He shows me the spit.

You can imagine how hard it is to relieve throat ticklies at his age, 37.  So I try my darndest not to cringe in front of him when his hacking fits take hold of him.  I wouldn't want to embarrass the dear.

The slow, cautious shuffle steps are his also.  Contorting your face and body to cough up a dog fuzz is exhausting.  Again, he is almost middle aged, and his physical abilities are greatly diminished.  So, after one of his fits there is not an ounce of energy to pick up his tired legs.  Poor soul.

And if there is ever an extended period of time where you hear absolutely nothing coming from upstairs, don't panic.  Corey is curled up on the bed with the heating pad, a cold compress, a box of tissues and hot chocolate.

What you really need to be concerned with is an excessive amount of movement.  While annoying, I'm sure, it probably also means someone has taken over the apartment.  In this case, call the police and secure your valuables.

Thank you,


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