Thursday, November 17, 2011

2011 goals revisited

I looked at my calendar today.  Like, really looked at it.  Not the "please tell me today is Thursday because I could really use an 'it's almost Friday' pick-me-up" kind, more like "what are those teeny tiny little numbers in the bottom corner?"

Those numbers said there are only 44 days left in 2011.

Uh oh.

Hey, remember 321 days ago when I posted my New Year's resolutions?  I had ten of them, they weren't too hard...remember?

Yeah, me neither.  Which means I probably have not had much success in keeping them:

1. Train for the triathlon in June.

A triathlon?!  I wanted to do this?  Oh yes, that was before I found out about my trick knee.


2. Break my addiction to carbs and brownies.

This was over before it even started.  In fact, I declared this past summer The Summer of Carbs.  I can no longer fit into my clothes.

Super fail.

3. Save up enough money for a down payment on the house I love.

It's hard to save money when you get $185 tickets for talking on your cell phone.


4. Convince Corey he loves the house too.

The house sold two months ago.  I only just stopped crying myself to sleep.

Grrr fail.

5. Stop smoking.

Yes!  But I didn't smoke to begin with so does this count?

6. Hold Corey and myself to weekly date nights.

I can count the number of dates on half of one hand.


7. Leave the workforce to raise four kids, wear a frilly apron, and cook homemade pot pies.

You tell me.

8. Finish reading my Bible already.

I will actually be done by the end of the year!!  It only took me two years.

....for goodness sake.

9. Find a charity and offer up my services.

Oh boy did I.  There is a reason The Summer of Carbs existed; it's because it was also The Summer Stacie Was Never Home Because She Had Two Meetings A Day For The Soup Kitchen Fundraiser And Had To Eat Whatever She Could Get Her Hands On.

I normally shorten the title when I refer to it.

10. Enter and win a pie eating contest.

I still have time...and half a pie in my refrigerator.

Just noticed I wanted to give up carbs and eat a ton of carbs all in the same set of goals.


Soooooo, two and a half completed out of ten.  Not too bad considering I completely forgot about them and any amount of completion was entirely coincidence.

I plan on making 2012 goals much simpler.

Like, "make pee pee in the potty."

And "buy a pair of pants."


Kathryn said...

I think you did pretty good!

april said...

I actually think I'm going to ace my resolutions this year ... and this is the first year I actually wrote any, so woohoo! I think a raise-the-roof is in order ... do people still do that? :)

E said...

I'm with you on the realistic goals. Let's start a trend this new years. I'm starting with "tie my shoes one at a time" and "wake up in the morning."

jen said...

Well you achieved way more than i did in the past year...I didnt even make a list...