Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Confessions


1.  I had a few bobby pins sitting on my desk.  I almost used them as paper clips.

2.  While running last week I definitely saw a thong hanging by a rear view mirror.

3.  I thought it was a baby hat.  A shiny red baby hat.

4.  When we first moved to Indiana I begged my mom to let us stay home for our very first "snow." 

It was frost.

5.  I remember what I meant by my Confessions note last week: pig squeeze poo.  It was another crazy awkward google keyword search.

I wish I could remember where I wrote those words.  It must be hilarious.

6.  I would also like to know where I referred to an "intestine train."

Also hilarious.

7.  I saw a headline about the Jonas Brothers considering a reunion.

I was unaware they are not still together.

And I am shocked no one told me.

8.  If I won the lottery I would by a very large air compressor for my mom.

9.  I caused a powdered cheese explosion in my parents' kitchen.  Pressure + powdered cheese packet + rushing to finish making dinner before Bible study = cheese all over stove and kitchen floor.


10.  I eat boxed macaroni and cheese.  The kind in the shape of bunnies.


Happy Friday!!


Debbie said...

YOU DID WHAT TO MY KITCHEN???? Well, apparently you cleaned it up...or maybe that why Maggie was gagging last night??? Too much orange powder?

jen said...

the kind shaped like bunnies? the only kind i truly like!!