Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Confessions


1.  I write myself little notes so I can remember what I need to confess for the week.  But I have no clue what "pig squeeze poo" is supposed to mean.

It was probably a great story.

2.  I tried.  Oh boy did I try.  But I just can't make myself like that George Stephanopoulos.

3.  My dad's mom has always reminded me of Betty White....a Mexican Betty White.

4.  Last week or so I mentioned I could watch Christmas Vacation non stop for the rest of my life, or something to that effect.  I am adding Baby Mama to that list.

5.  And Don Juan DeMarco.

6.  In my old age I'm starting to forget when to use affect and effect.

7.  I am also losing the ability to care.

8.  When the construction crew was pulling up the sidewalks at my office I was unable to keep my eyes off the action.  I may have missed my life's calling.

9.  Corey has a horrible habit of forgetting where he put his phone when he walks in the door.  In one of the latest frantic searches I said it's probably somewhere strange like in the fridge.  He looked in the fridge.  No, no, like the fridge.

It was in the laundry basket.

10.  My latest quirk: I sing random songs all day long.

"Everybody's workin for the weekend..."


Happy Friday!


VandyJ said...

Nick has a tendency to put his thing on high flat places--places I can't see--like the top of the fridge. Makes finding things interesting--because the man can't find anything.

jen said...

I tend to sing random songs when going up and down stairs... roll out the barrel!!!

E said...

I just remember that "effect" is a noun and hope for the best.

Mamarazzi said...

oh man that song is totally going to be stuck in my head hubz loves to do that to me; get random songs stuck in my head.

thanks for linking up!!