Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We Want To Know: How You Celebrate!


{1} How did you celebrate Halloween? Trick or treating? Adult party? Trunk or treat?
First let me say I am loving this new trunk or treat thing, and I can just picture the cool mom's trunk overflowing with candy.  Mmmm....Snickers.  But no, this Halloween I did nothing.  We do, however, have a costume lined up for O-dog next year:

{2} What candy is your favorite/the first thing you steal from the kids?
If I had kids from which to steal candy, first would come the Smarties, followed by Dots, and then Tootsie Roll Pops.

You thought I was going to say chocolate.

I know.  Sometimes I surprise myself.

{3} What kind of candy do you give out, is it your favorite? or something you know you won't be tempted to eat?
We don't live in a trick-or-treat friendly building.  That's the life of an apartment dweller.  But if we were to hand anything out I wouldn't be the one to buy it.  Corey would beat me to it by several months and we would be handing out king size candy bars.

{4} How soon after Halloween do you take down decorations and put away costumes?
I set out fall decorations, not Halloween specific.  I'm already plenty afraid I'm going to find real ghosts and zombies wandering around my apartment in the dark.

{5} When do you decorate for the next holiday?
We'll put up our Christmas tree soon after Thanksgiving.  And we usually leave a few days after New Year's Day.  There's a real emotional void around that time, so it's hard to give up the last reminant of a whirlwind holiday season.


Yay for the most wonderful time of the year!!


E said...

I was pretty thankful to be in an apartment, as my roommate's dog would go crazy over people knocking on our door repetitively. And then I'd stress-eat a lot of candy.

Mamarazzi said...

oh my goodness that costume is hilarious!!

i love the whole trunk or treat thing too!!

thanks for linking up!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

smarties. hmmm not my fave. i do love a tootsie pop though.

hello, king size bars. i want to trick or treat at your house hypothetically someday.

fun doggie costume idea.

thanks for linking up

jen said...

how on EARTH did i miss that dog costume? i need it for hobbes, the halloween collar just isnt cutting it anymore...