Saturday, May 14, 2011


I have a dog. His name is Oliver. He weighs almost 80 pounds.

My aunt has a dog. Her name is Sophie. She weighs as much as my make up bag.

Oliver sits on the ground.

Sophie sits in laps.

Oliver will die if he is not pet, touched, or talked to every second he is in your presence.
Sophie needs her space.
Oliver prefers to hold your hand in his mouth. Also your foot, wrist or face will do.

Sophie might lick your fingernail.

Oliver needs an hour walk each day.

Sophie keeps trim by running from the front door to the back door.

Oliver snacks on used tissues and other garbage goodies.

Sophie can't be bothered by icky things.

Oliver has thick golden fur on his chest.

Sophie is a girl. Girls just don't have hairy chests.

Oliver stands over four feet tall.

Sophie can't quite reach my knee.

Oliver wants to french kiss everyone who comes through the door.

Sophie wants to kill everyone who comes through the front door.

Oliver is successful.

Sophie is not.

We can learn an important lesson from our dogs: accept our differences and focus any negative feelings on more worthy targets.


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