Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  I cannot braid my own hair.  This was never a problem until I moved out of my mom's house.  Now I will be unbraided forever.  Or until I have daughters...or a lady in waiting.

2.  Last week we ran out of plastic forks at my office so I had to eat my mac 'n cheese with chopsticks.

3.  I keep chopsticks in my desk.

4.  When I was younger my dad went on a men's outing with our church to a baseball game.  I wanted so badly to go with him I put on a baseball cap and taped a mustache I cut out of brown construction paper to my lip.  Didn't work.

5.  I nearly fell out of my seat on Wednesday when an Ace of Base song came on.  I was in the car with my seat belt on.  It takes a lot to almost fall out of a seat belt.

6.  I love Ace of Base.

7.  Guilty pleasure, game I never owned and could only play at my BFF Amy's house: Battleship.

8.  Sorry neighbors, my dog pees on your hasta plants.

9.  Whenever I hear anyone starts a sentence saying, "How about..." I have an incredible urge to finish it with " 'bout, how 'bout a color shout!!  GREEN, green, green, green, green.  WHITE, white, etc..."

10.  Whenever I have to spell the word "success" I have to think back to the Full House episode where Stephanie loses the spelling bee.  You know the one I'm talking about.

Similarly, when spelling the last name "McDonald" I have to sing out the letters like McDonald's did in a commercial way back when.


Blogger deleted half of this post this morning, along with an entire post from yesterday, and I'm downright postal about it.


E said...

I actually haven't feel all that wound up about blogger. But that's probably because real life is kind of crazy and it took away any pressure to post yesterday.

Congrats on your skill of falling out a seat to which you are attached. That is talent.

april said...

I was pretty mad about Blogger, because I only have certain times of the day when I have time to post. It's not like I can come back after breakfast, or lunch, or before mid-day snack ...

I'm hungry.

I spell bologna from the Oscar Mayer song (also, I spell Oscar Mayer that way too) and I spell beautiful the way my kindergarten teacher always did it: B-E-A-Utiful!

april said...

Oh BTW, I think I french-kissed you in my post today. Thought you should know. ha!