Thursday, May 12, 2011

In Celebration...he said wha...??

So, I missed Corey & Stacie's 2nd anniversary, its blogiversary if you will.

Last year four of you may recall me missing the first anniversary, too.

(hey, I don't claim to be superblogger.)

Why do I always think I started this thing in June?!

It could have something to do with being knee deep in wedding plans and borderline crazy for several months straight rendering me unable to commit simple dates to memory.

Or just being a tad spacey on occasion. celebration of two wonderful years of telling stories to no one in particular about the dumb things Corey and I do that make us look like a couple-a boogaloos, I'm posting a blast from the past that I randomly stumbled on.


On Wednesday, May 5 (ahem, Cinco de Mayo) Corey surprised me with an outing to celebrate my 1/8 heritage!

Technically, I'm not sure if we're Spanish or Mexican, two very different nationalities, but we are so far removed I just say I'm Mexican. Part Mexican. Small part. But I digress.

I received this notice in my email:

I love plans. I love order. I love direction. This was a welcomed email.

We did have hot dogs on the grill and we did go to Hattie's for that frosty beverage that turned into four frosty beverages for a certain husband who will remain nameless.

I can't say for sure if it was the orange soda talking or if it was Corey being Corey, but this conversation did actually happen:

"Yay, it's Cinco de Mayo!"

"I know!"

"Hey, my birthday falls on Cinco de Mayo!"

"Uh....your birthday is the 10th."

"I know, isn't Cinco de Mayo a week long thing?"

"Cinco de Mayo means May 5th. That's today."

"OHHhhh, I thought it was this whole week."

He then felt very embarrassed and told me not to tell anyone.

"But you know I have to put this in the blog, right?"

"I know."

Don't be fooled. He loves the attention.

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