Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zombie Flash Mob

So, it's no secret how I feel about zombies.

Well, maybe not zombies specifically, because I think we can all agree that a bunch of people eaters taking over major cities is not exactly good for our well-being.

But I think you know how I feel about zombie-related shows/movies/publications.

I love 'em.

Can't explain it.

So just a few minutes ago I ran across this post from my friends Courtney and Pete and I was a little more excited than what would be considered a normal reaction to a bunch of people dressed up as zombies and zombie hunters taking over a mall.

Let me explain, I love random.  Dressing up like the walking dead and hangin' out at the food court is beyond random.  Also, I'm obsessed with flash mobs, want to be in a flash mob, want to witness an actual flash mob. 

I'm overwhelmed with  jealousy and anticipation!

Bravo friends.

1 comment:

E said...

I love zombie movies too! It's an addiction I don't want to fight. :)