Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend in Review: lots of stuff you didn't know you wanted to know

So far in May (and part of April) my weekends have been full of sunshine.

But not literally.  It rains a lot here in the spring.

Last weekend was a healthy dose of laser tag and serious girl bonding over pizza and ice cream.

This weekend was just a hodge podge of random goodness.

First, there was some serious scheming between the girls in my mom's sewing class on Saturday.  They figured out what they want their next project to be, when they are crashing my apartment for a sleep over, and what activities will take place in said sleepover:

"We can sneak into your bedroom when Corey is asleep and put make-up on him!!"

"Oh really?"

"Wait, is he a heavy sleeper?"

"Not at all."

"Ok.  Then we'll give him some sleeping pills, drag him into the bathroom and pierce his ears!!!"

It was too adorable for words.

From there I went out in search of a large silver platter.

See, I have this big craft show coming up and I decided to display my business name (s.j.l. original) on a chalkboard affixed to the inside of a silver platter.  Problem: no silver platter.  Solution: peruse Saratoga garage sales and estate sales.

My first stop was this old brick mansion on the east side of town.

We have old 1800's mansions just hangin' out in the neighborhoods in my town, by the way.  I would show you pictures but you would drool all over your computer and plan extended vacations that would turn into permanent vacations and I just don't want to risk you snatching up my dream house.

Nothing personal.

So I stopped at the mansion and it started to rain.  Some of the goods were covered by thick green tarps so at first glance I wasn't sure if this place would end up a dud.  At one end was an uncovered section of a makeshift table.  On it a tray with a sign that read, "Everything 10 cents."  And on the tray: a mayo jar full of wine corks and old wooden spools of thread.

This means nothing to you, I know.  But to an old junk hound like me I was thrilled.  Not only do I get a whole jar of corks, for which I have no idea what I am going to do, but also a little knick-knack to display with my other knick-knacks for only TWENTY CENTS.

Oh the joy.

But I still needed to look for my platter.  I move on and find two small silver serving trays.  Dang.  Not what I needed.  But there were still several tables covered by tarps.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for a large silver platter.  I saw that you had two smaller ones and I didn't know if...."

She lifts up one of the tarps and there, stacked seven deep, were large silver platters.


Beyond that: old silver plated flatware.


I left with $10 in goodies.  Treasures.  Supplies.

Corey calls it crap.

He's not yet able to see the potential in others' trash, er, disposables.  We're working on that.

Next I took a quick trip to the grocery store for toilet paper.

It's sort of a staple in our house to, you know, get rid of the dog's eye goopies.

I was a little hungry so I picked up some fixin's for my lunch: mozzarella with tomato and avocado.

Oh dear, sweet, baby puppies was it delicious.

It was the kind of meal you write home about.  And I did.  In a text.

Later on that night was the Kentucky Derby.  Kind of a big deal in a horse racing town like Saratoga.  A local racing hot spot, Siro's, (the same Siro's mentioned in Clare Boothe Luce's The Women, btw) opened for the day to everyone who wanted to be at Churchill Downs but couldn't come up with the $12,000 box fee.

A steal, if you ask me.  But I digress.

I wasn't thrilled to be there.  I'm more of a pjs and barcalounger type and tend to avoid fancy clothes and stand-in-uncomfortable-shoes situations.  But what made it all worth it was the free burrito and enchilada buffet.

People, I will forever possess the poor college kid mentality that you take whatever freebies you can get.

And this was not only cost effective, but darn tasty.

The rest of the night came and went, as did a few dozen felt balls, and then we woke up to Mother's Day.

I love my mom.  She likes to be all up in my business about a lot of things but I don't mind because she's usually right.  Annnnnnd she makes sure I'm safe.  And happy.  And healthy.

"Ok, so you can take the train out of DC and you'll be in Albany in only seven hours and it will only cost $250."

The dear knew I did not enjoy my extended stay in the Washington DC airport.

She takes care of me.

So we took her out for breakfast after church at this cute little cafe that serves a mean cinnamon raisin bread.

I filled up on peach pancakes.

I'm noticing all of the good moments of my weekend surround the food I ate.  I may or may not have an eating problem.

Afterward Corey and I went north to Lake George where we met his parents for lunch.

Yes, this was immediately after breakfast.  Needless to say neither one of us was hungry.

Until it was time for dessert.

Again, I may or may not have a problem.

My mother-in-law is pretty special too.  She never had a daughter so I try my hardest to fill the gaping void having one very active, sometimes troublesome son leaves.

Corey has some stories.

Like knocking over gas pumps, and swiping lawn ornaments, and running shopping carts into glass doors.

Lord help me when I have his babies.

The rest of the day was less about food and more about relaxation.

And laundry.  But that's always a Sunday thing.

The weekend ended with putting fuzzy wool earrings together on the couch while watching Obama talk about nailing the nastiest man in Stacie's 28 year history.

And that, my friends, was my weekend.  A great end to a busy week.

Or is it a great beginning to another busy week...

It was great.  That's it.


Bachelor Mansion.

A block from my house.

You can stay here when you come.


Corey said...

The shopping at Brooks Brothers was the highlight for me!

Debbie said...

Corey...I am sure what you meant to say was that having breakfast with your mother-in-law and lunch with your mother on MOTHER'S DAY was the highlight of the weekend.

Love, Mom-in-Law

E said...

The good news: you have to eat to survive. So it's survival, not a problem. :)