Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Confessions from my day off!

1.  If my Ten on Tuesday isn't posted by noon I get scolded.  By my mother.

"Uh hello???  It's Tuesday!"

2.  I ordered take out from one of my favorite restaurants this week and the guy gave me a dollar too much in change.  I found myself in a moral dilemma: return the dollar and embarrass the guy in front of the girl, or keep the dollar and spare him the humiliation.  I kept the dollar.  But mainly because I was already out the door and I didn't want them to think it took me that long to do the correct math.

3.  But then I had to go back in for chopsticks.  I still kept the dollar.  But this time it was for the kid's sake.

4.  I brake for lemonade stands.

5.  Because I'm off today on Thursday, knowing I wouldn't see my co-workers to wish them a happy fourth, I shouted to one as she left, "Happy Fourth of July!!"  and she said, "Why?  It's Wednesday."

6.  On Tuesday I woke up thinking it was Friday.

7.  One day I am going to write an entire week's worth of posts about my favorite restaurant in Glens Falls: GGMamas.  People, these folks feed me.  They feed me good food, and they feed me when they're closed and I barrel my way in anyway.  They deserve an award.

8.  I accidentally used Corey's toothbrush Tuesday night.  On Wednesday morning when I told him he asked me to hand him his bottle of Listerine.

9.  On my days off I watch trash daytime TV.  I just can't get enough of "one of these seven men may be the father of my baby."

10.  I spent the morning with alpacas.  And when I left I may or may not have asked to take one home.  More on that later because getting there was half the "fun."


Happy Friday!  And Happy 4th!!

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jen said...

i accidentally used my husbands tooth brush this morning too!! i didn't bring it up, sure its a non issue...